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Battle-Pack I & II

MRE Logistics is the U.S. distributor for the high-quality Golden Season Battle-Pack I & II MREs' & disaster rations. Golden Season products are HACCP, Halal, and ISO9000/1 certified and are applicable for any standard & religious observances. Low cost, extraordinary quality, and immediate delivery to either the seaport or international airport are the hallmarks of Golden Season and it's world-wide reputation for feeding hungry troops or disaster victims. MRE Logistics is proud to represent only the best world class product to our valuable clients. Battle-Pack meals are available in the current menu lineup, or may be custom designed for menus' & contents. Customer service will be happy to work closely with you, no matter your requirement. We also offer the only Mil-Spec 3-Meal Pack in the industry. Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner, all in one convenient retort package. Ask for our "build-it" list to custom assemble meals to meet your exacting needs. Battle-Pack I & II is an export-only product. Proven and currently fielded world-wide, Golden Season products are the hallmark of quality & economy

Battle-Pack I

  • 1 X Main Entrée 180g
  • 1 X Side Dish (Rice / Noodle) 200g
  • 1 X Salt, pepper, sugar pack
  • 1 X Tea bag
  • 1 X Instant beverage (Orange)
  • 1 X Biscuit 60g
  • 1 X Non-alcohol Wet-Nap
  • 1 X Plastic Spoon
  • Quantity per pallet: 1280 packs (80 cartons)
  • Quantity per carton: 16 Full MREs'
  • Cost based upon 1x20' con't. $48.40/Case FOB Dalian China
  • Minimum 10 pallet to order

Battle-Pack II

  • 1 X 300g Main Entrée
  • 1 X 200g Side Dish (Rice / Noodle)
  • 1 X 200g Dessert item
  • 1 X 120g Compressed Biscuit
  • 1 X 60g Biscuit
  • 1 X Salt, Pepper
  • 1 X Fork, Knife, Spoon set
  • 1 X Non-alcohol Wet-Nap
  • 1 X Mil-Spec Heater
  • Quantity per pallet: 960 units (80 cartons)
  • Quantity per container: 19200 units
  • Quantity per carton: 12 units
  • Cost based upon 1x20' con't. $55.00/Case FOB Dalian China
  • Minimum 10 pallet to order